Complete entrance solutions for Manufacturing

Gain a competitive advantage in manufacturing with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. Our specialized automated door systems will help you have more efficient and dependable entrances for the front, back, and interior of your manufacturing facility.

By using our proven entrance solutions, you can move people, goods, and equipment seamlessly throughout your facility, create separate clean environments, maintain required temperatures, increase usable floor space, and boost production output.

We also offer engineering expertise and Maintenance & Modernization on all brands of automatic entrances to save to time, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs—helping you get new products to global markets faster, smarter, and better than your competitors.

Choose the best entrance solutions for your facility’s needs:

Heavy-duty entrances for intelligent automotive manufacturing

  • Improve safety and productivity in harsh OEM environments
  • Enable simultaneous operation of multiple work cells
  • Safeguard workers from arc flash, flying debris, and noise
  • Increase usable factory floor space with a smaller cell footprint
  • Increase production with fast opening and closing speeds
  • Specialized products: Albany RP300, Albany RP2000

High-speed entrances for controlled manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

  • Meet clean room requirements and industry standards
  • Maintain the integrity of lab manufacturing processes
  • Block particulates and contaminates
  • Keep workers, visitors, and sanitary areas safe
  • Reduce production inefficiencies and energy costs
  • Specialized products: Besam SL500 Clean Room, Albany RR300 Clean

Hygienic entrances for clean manufacturing of food and beverages

  • Protect hygienic food processing areas
  • Keep out dust, dirt, and vermin
  • Clean and protect doors from bacteria and corrosion
  • Prevent product deterioration from freezer to dock
  • Reduce air leakage and lower energy costs
  • Specialized products: Albany RR300 Stainless, Albany RR300 Chill, Albany RR300 Freeze

Select the entrance system that gives you the best advantage. Call 1-866-237-2687 or e-mail us to request a custom door configurator, 3D CAD drawing, product assistance, or a quote.