Complete entrance solutions for Mining

Tough conditions demand strong entrances. Whatever the size, and however high the requirements, we’ll supply you with products that cover almost any opening, including truck shops, wash bays, and maintenance facilities.

Master the challenges of your mining operations safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively with tough, reliable, and low maintenance mine doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

We offer a range of strong solutions from our industry leading product to meet the tough conditions in the mining industry, including our Megadoor vertical-lifting fabric mine door systems and Albany rubber high-speed mine doors. Our rugged mine door solutions are designed to accommodate heavy machinery, withstand accidental impact, and remain operational in demanding mining environments.

Get the most reliable, all-weather doors for improved operations

  • Keep your operations safe year round from hurricane-level winds, grinding dust, and grime build-up with fast, tight-sealing exterior doors
  • Minimize work stoppages with a low-profile system which has few moving parts and a collision-resistant, rubber curtain
  • Reduce maintenance costs with corrosion-resistant belt systems, door components, and guide rails
  • Use our controls to operate severe-duty motors in Arctic weather, and splash-resistant enclosures in wash bays
  • Accommodate building settlement with the stable, light, and flexible vertical lifting fabric doors

Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs

  • Reclaim lost energy by adding our tight sealing mine door solutions
  • Work inside your facility safely by using the natural light from translucent fabric panels
  • Decrease air infiltration with NASA-class, double-sided seal technology
  • Manage conductive heat gain or loss with rugged, double layers of fabric used on the door panels
  • Maintain temperature control by better sealing in conditioned air

Secure your facility with multiple safety features and customization

  • Minimize risks and noise with Megadoor's smooth and predictable operation, and absence of projecting parts
  • Stand up to wind loads with door panels that are UV- and flame-resistant, and protected from mildew and rot
  • Prevent a "free fall" situation with an anti-drop system and automatic built-in lock that holds the door in place
  • Avoid accidents with sensors that stop the door immediately and return it to the open position   
  • Control your door's functions with a reliable PLC that's factory-programmed and password-protected

Mine more profits safely and efficiently with our tough and durable mining entrance solutions. Call 1-866-237-2687 or e-mail us to request a custom door configurator, 3D CAD drawing, product assistance, or a quote.