Complete entrance solutions for Shipyards

Improve your operation's work space, security, and cost control with dependable, durable, and safe shipyard doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

Originally built in rugged Scandinavian shipyards, today's Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors have an advanced design and construction that eliminates the waste and downtime from constrained work space created by corroded and outdated steel doors.

Considered the standard in shipyards around the world, Megadoor shipyard doors are specially designed to meet the tough demands of marine environments. Our durable products tolerate water, salt, and high wind loads and are customized to meet the specific requirements of your operations.

We understand that your doors are critical to your success. If they don’t move, neither does your shipyard. Our professional maintenance technicians are trained and certified and our 24/7 service hotline puts assistance in easy reach. We offer expert engineering and Maintenance & Modernization services help to save time, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Create a flexible and sustainable work environment

  • Maximize the capacity for building, repairing, and retrofitting military and commercial vessels
  • Prevent corrosion by custom-coating fabric panels and any/all aluminum components
  • Work comfortably in any type of weather condition - high winds, driving rain, and seawater spray
  • Customize your door to move steelworkers, pipefitters, and vehicles in and out, around the clock
  • Eliminate the risks, costs, and maintenance of wheels, hinges, hydraulics, and counterbalances

Improve production and reduce costs with exceptional energy efficiency

  • Regain the 80% of energy you're wasting from the space around your horizontal door system
  • Use the natural light from Megadoor's translucent panels for moving and using scaffolds and ladders
  • Gain the advantages of using the same double-sided seal technology used in NASA-class clean rooms
  • Minimize the heat lost to conduction with Megadoor's multiple layers of durable, coated fabric
  • Maintain temperature control and reduce air infiltration

Reduce the overall risks to your workers and operations

  • Ensure safe and steady production with automatic windlocks, safety arrestors, and PLC door controls
  • Create OSHA-compliant walk spaces and well-lit areas for precision welding, cutting, and assembly
  • Safely ventilate chemical fumes and negate weld sparks for meeting NIOSH health standards
  • "Deep six" the whole process of replacing worn-out rubber door seals and hazardous, rusted door parts
  • Eliminate the accumulation of hazardous debris and sand at door entrances

Select the entrance solution that helps to keep your shipyard running smoothly. Call 1-866-237-2687 or e-mail us to request a custom door configurator, 3D CAD drawing, product assistance, or a quote.