Manual revolving door

ASSA ABLOY RD4-100 manual revolving door - sophisticated style and performance

The ASSA ABLOY RD4-100 manual revolving door system features expansive glass, slim profiles and curved glass outer wall, making it an ideal solution for creating a beautiful and efficient entrance. The outer walls and doors are constructed of aluminum extrusions with the main shaft constructed of sturdy steel. Available in either three- or four-wing configurations, the ASSA ABLOY RD4-100 offers dynamic aesthetics with solid quality to make this system ideal to create an inviting commercial entryway.

The ASSA ABLOY RD4-100 manual revolving door effectively seals the building envelope to significantly reduce energy consumption and provide a constant barrier for temperature control. Your customers, clients, visitors and employees will have convenient access to your facility, while you preserve maximum energy efficiency for your building.

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Technical description


  • Available diameters: 6’, 7’, 8’
  • Three- or four-wing configuration available
  • Flat glass in the door leaves are 1/4” (6mm) clear tempered safety glass and the curved outer walls of the revolver are 7/16” (11mm) clear laminated safety glass
  • Revolving door leafs  folded out in the direction of egress during an evacuation
  • Speed control unit prevents the doors from being rotated at a faster rate than allowed by building codes
  • Return to home feature conveniently moves door leaves to the most energy efficient starting point after each manual rotation

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