2 Post Freight Lifts

Because the cantilevered carriage is raised and lowered in the guides by a pair of direct-acting hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic Freightlites are the only models that ship completely pre-assembled, have few moving parts (no cables or chains), and are easy to install and operate. Other features of the hydraulic Freightlite material lifts include unrestricted load height, hydraulic velocity fuses, overload protection, and zero drift. Typical applications are edge of mezzanine material transfer, freight elevator replacement, auto dealer shops, restaurant delivery, retail stores, warehousing, and packaging and distribution. "C", "Z", and "90 degree" load patterns are available with the Freightlite hydraulic VRC lift.

Technical description

Design Benefits:

  • Keeps the platform from drifting when at upper level
  • Maintenance free bearings, no greasing required
  • Extended bearing life
  • Minimal platform deflection
  • No cables or chains
  • The very best components go into all Autoquip products
  • Dust, dirt, and drip resistant industrial enclosure
  • Industrial use control enclosure
  • Designed to meet or exceed all industry standards
  • Built to last and we back this up with the best Warranty in the industry
  • Overload protection
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