4 Post Freight Lifts

High Capacity 4-Post mechanical material lifts raise and lower the carriage in four guide beams by means of a top-mounted brake motor, helical gear reducer, a one-piece drive shaft, and four synchronized heavy-duty lifting chains (minimum factor of safety of 6 to 1). Operational features of this Autoquip mechanical VRC include variable or high speeds, platform tension rollers, permanently adjusted chain tensioners, and the ability to be a free-standing lift. Safety features of this heavy duty material lift include overload or jam protection, slack chain safety stop, and four safety locking cams for free-fall arrest in the unlikely event of a chain failure. Typical applications for mechanical 4-post VRC lifts are edge of mezzanine to multiple levels, freight elevator replacement, automatic systems, and high cycle or conveyor projects with typical markets being warehousing, textile, paper and steel mills, vehicle floor-to-floor transfer, and packaging of large unit loads. "C", "Z", and "90 degree" load patterns are available with the High Capacity 4-post mechanical VRC lift.

Technical description

Design Benefits:

  • Permanently adjusted, no maintenance or chain tensioners required
  • Smooth platform travel
  • Maintenance free bearings, no greasing required
  • Extended bearing life
  • Minimal platform deflection
  • One piece drive shaft
  • Protects the equipment and the employees
  • Decreased cost of field installation
  • Prevents platform freefall to less than 4 inches
  • Dust, dirt, and drip resistant industrial enclosure
  • Industrial use control enclosure
  • Designed to meet or exceed all industry standards
  • Built to last and we back this up with the best Warranty in the industry
  • Employee safety is enhanced
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