Kelley Kombo Dock Lifts


High-performance dock leveler -- it provides the same performance benefits of a hydraulic dock leveler such as regenerative hydraulics, powered lip control, safety velocity fuse and push-button controls. 

Below-dock operation -- In scissor mode, it eliminates the steep grade differences between the vehicle bed and the leveler deck, providing safe, level, below-dock operations. 

Scissors lift versatility -- Unlike standard scissor lifts, the hydraulically powered dock lip ensures faster cycling times and its

Technical description

Design Highlights:

  • 50,000 lbs. Capacity Leveler (per ANSI MH14.1-1987)
  • 12,000 lbs. Capacity Lift (8 ft. long units)
  • 20,000 lbs. Capacity Lift (10 & 12 ft. long units)
  • 18" Lip Standard
  • LED Light Communication Package
  • Remote 7.5 HP Independent Lift Motor & Hydraulic System
  • PLC Operation
  • 1 HP Independent Leveler Motor & Hydraulic System
  • Full Feature NEMA 12 Control Panel with Mushroom Style Stop Button
  • Remote NEMA 4X Pendant Push Button Hand Control
  • Interior Warning Light & Audible Alarm Indicate Dock Lift Is Not In Stored Position
  • Safety Velocity Fuse on Leveler and Lift
  • Guard Rail Package
  • Rear Hinge Blocks
  • Protective Roller Curtain on Front
  • Side and Rear Weatherseal
  • Grease Fittings
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