TKO WW Series Medium-Duty Impactable Door

TKO CW Series Vision Panel Option
TKO CW Series Vision Panel Option

Damaged doors are a common problem for busy loading docks and can be costly to replace or repair.

The TKO WW Series sectional door is designed to prevent damage to the door panels and track when impacted by a forklift, pallets or other material handling equipment.  These are the most versatile and cost-effective impactable dock doors for facilities that experience moderate panel damage and moderate to severe track damage.  Design includes a 2” thick insulated foam core panel with a 1-year performance warranty.


Technical description

TKO WW Series Impactable Sectional Door

  • Exclusive track, panel, plunger design allow door to release from the opening upon impact
  • Full height 12-gauge galvanized steel track standard
  • 2” thick insulated, foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior facing. 1-YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY
  • Heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow door to release from the opening upon impact
  • Tight perimeter Weatherseal incorporates a brush seal and loop seal to eliminate air infiltration and light gaps. Seal is attached to the door panel versus the door jamb, keeping it out of harm’s way, providing a consistent seal
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel hinges
  • One lock for security
  • Rugged door lifting handles (two per door)
  • Flexible bottom seal for airtight fit to the floor
  • Available in a variety of designs to fit your loading dock needs
  • Optional Impact-A-Track™ provides total protection against the most abusive impacts from top to bottom.
  • Available Wind Load option
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