TKO Wind Load Rated Impactable Doors

TKO Dock Doors with Wind Load Package are specifically designed to withstand high wind load environments, providing facilities in hurricane susceptible locations with a safe and durable solution for their industrial door needs.

The TKO Windload package features resistant, knock-out capable, polycarbonate interior skins, a full-height reinforced Impact-A-TrackTM and slide locks and lock out pins that are attached to the tracks to secure the door during high-wind events.

TKO doors are rigorously tested to withstand pressures of +52 and up to -67.5 pounds per square foot, earning them a Notice of Approval from Miami-Dade County for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. The awarding agency, Miami Dade County Building and Neighborhood Compliance Division is known for creating the most stringent building codes and approval tests in the country.

Technical description

TKO Windload Rated Sectional Doors

TKO WelterWeight | NOA# 13-0521.03
TKO CruiserWeight | NOA# 12-1019.12 
TKO ThermalWeight | NOA# 13-0521.04 
TKO VertiCool | NOA# 13-0521.06

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