Sliding Commercial Door

These door systems are designed for use in pharmaceutical facilities, factories, processing plants and other areas where a clean environment must be maintained and harsh chemicals exist. The 67000F is suitable for applications with regular cleaning using harsh chemicals and cleaning solvents. 

Door Panel - Is constructed using a 16 gauge internal framework with a honeycomb core and .09" thick, gel-coated FRP laminated panel that provides a smooth, cleanable finish. Standard colors are white, beige gray and brown, additional colors are available please contact the factory. 

Core - The standard core is Kraft honeycomb with optional urethane insulation available. 

Capping Channels – All edges are protected by 20 gauge, 304 #4 stainless steel capping channels, creating an attractive appearance and durable design. 

Weatherstrip – Full perimeter, long-lasting wear resistant gray fiberglass reinforced silicone weatherstrip creates a tight seal for insulation and noise control. 

Optional Vision Panels - Attractive surface mounted sloped stainless steel window casings are available. 

Pull Handles - Plastic flush pulls are standard on both sides of the door. Stainless steel flush pulls are avaialble as an option. 

Panel Hardware - Adjustable panel hardware for in-field adjustments assist in maintaining a positive and tight seal. Optional no hardware mounted into floor. 

Trackhood - A closed end sloped stainless steel trackhood allows for easy cleaning and resists particle buildup. 

TEP Track System - The TEP track system combined with permantently lubricated trolleys provide virtually "silent" operation with minimal resistance. The compact system requires the least headroom of any industrial door system available. Pre-mounted components minimize assembly time and reduce the possibility of installation errors. Torque sensing reversing capability on both the opening and closing cycles. Send and receive reversing photoeye system in the side frame. 

Technical description
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical
  • Cleanrooms

  • Temperature -
  • Moisture - High Humidity or Frequent Washdown
  • Fire - Non-Rated
  • Corrosion - Highly Corrosive Setting

  •  Kick Plate
  •  Single Slide
  •  Center Parting
  •  Core
  •  Tubular Frame Construction
  •  C Channel Frame Construction
  •  Vision Lite
  •  Weather Stripping
  •  Track Hood
  •  Locking Devices
  •  TXP/TEP/TPL Operator
  •  Tele-scoping
  •  Break Away
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