High Speed Door

With input from pharmaceutical engineers in the United States and Europe, the Pharma-Slide SSS is designed to meet cGMP guidelines, and to be the tightest sealing, most reliable sliding door available today. The SSS is offered in a variety of models with options to meet any pharmaceutical or cleanroom application. The powered, single-sliding, stainless steel SSS is available with 304 or 316 stainless steel. The standard stainless steel hood, track, and hardware assembly allow for all types of washdown conditions. The door’s smooth surface, with no seams or fasteners, allows for easy cleaning. The door seals are an integral part of the door panel and require no fasteners for attachment. 

Technical description

Fast - Opens at up to 32 inches per second with independent, adjustable opening and closing speeds to meet any application. Easy to Clean - The exclusive allstainless round track eliminates dirt and debris collection points. The off-set track design makes it easy to access without removing the sloped hood. No exposed fasteners provide for smooth, easy to clean surfaces. Flush Windows - Optional windows are flush with the panel surface, have no fasteners and can be easily replaced if necessary. Safe - Adjustable speed allows for smooth, easy opening and closing. The standard safety circuitry reverses on obstruction by monitoring both directions of door movement. Dual electric photo eyes in door frame are standard. Tight Seal - Specially designed, non-marking, grey door seals provide a tight seal and are easy to replace. The seal retainers are an integral part of the door panel and require no fasteners. Manual Release - The power operated Pharma-Slide SSS can be opened manually in the event of power failure.

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