Fire Rated Insulated Rolling Doors

Our insulated fire-rated ro​​lling service door offers superior protection wherever a listed insulated fire door is required (max. width 24’; max. height 24’). This insulated rolling steel door serves as a thermal barrier, ideal for applications which require separation due to climate control requirements. The insulation used in this door offers added energy efficiency (R-value of 4.5), sound transmission control (STC 21), and the mi​neral wool utilized in the slat insert meets the Smoke and Flame Index of 5.

Common masonry and non-masonry mounted applications include: facilities with paint booths, file rooms, material storage locations, warehouses, shared walls between businesses, public record storage, and public buildings such as libraries. This insulated fire door is available with UL (FM optional) labels for 1-1/2, 3, 4 and oversized doors.

Door Options

  • Operation: chain hoist, crank and electric motor (RHX® FK, RHX® or RSX®)
  • Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device
  • FireLite® vision lites
  • UL listed brush-type smoke seals
  • Flame baffle system (required for optional FM label)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Horns and horns with strobes
  • Cylinder locking bottom bar with mortise cylinder
  • Wind load (FBC, TDI, Miami-Dade)
  • PowderGuard® Premium powder coat finish options are available in approximately 200 colors as well as custom matching to specification.​
  • PowderGuard® Zinc and PowderGuard® Weathered finishes​​
Technical description


Standard max width 
24’0" (7315 mm)

Standard max height 
24’0" (7315 mm)

Energy efficient 
Insulation R-value of 4.5

Sound Transmission Class 21 
Ideal for applications that require sound control

Galvanized or stainless steel, in a variety of gauges; Flat slat profile; Standard finish available in gray, tan, white or brown

Three structural steel or stainless steel angles. Guides also include locking bar or wind bar PowderGuard® Weathered finish with black powder coat

NFPA-80, New York City and state of California (CSFM) compliant

Labels available for masonry or non-masonry applications
UL/ULC 1-1/2 hr (FM is optional), UL/ULC 3 hr (FM is optional), UL 4 hr, UL oversized door (FM is optional)

Mechanical auto resettable hoist (non-motorized) 
Enables easy drop test and reset of fire door in seconds

Fusible link for added safety 
Separates at 165°F (74°C) to automatically close the door in case of fire

Viscous governor technology 
Controls rate of door descent during a fire while reducing noise and vibration for quieter door operation

Innovative planetary gear design
Ensures years of reliable service and drop-out performance

24 month limited warranty on door 3 year/20,000 cycle limited on door operator system (when purchased together)​

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