Energy Guard Leveler Seal

Guard Against Energy Loss At Your Loading Dock

Simple and Effective Design: No parts or assemblies installed under the dock leveler or on the pit floor. 
Long-term Durability: No fabric exposed to the face of the loading dock wall which is easily torn and damaged by trailers and debris. 
Expanded Sealing Range: Effective perimeter seal (sides and back) up to 9" above dock level. 
No Maintenance Required: Seal assemblies rotate during operation rather than scrape the pit wall - no scheduled maintenance. 
Easy Pit Access: Unrestricted access to pit for cleaning and dock leveler inspection. No curtains or fabric blocking access to the dock leveler and pit. 
Broad Compatibility: Available for most Kelley® and Serco® dock levelers as well as some competitive dock levelers. Kits fit common dock leveler widths - 6´, 6.5´, 7´ and common lengths - 6´, 8´ and 10´.

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