Dock Impact Barrier

The APS Dock Impact Barrier can reduce the occurrence of:

  • Accidents due to fork lift, pallet jacks or pedestrians falling off dock when door is open.
  • Damage to equipment, load, door panels and door track when door is closed.

Heavy Duty Construction:

  • 9/16"-diameter heavy-duty steel industrial cable encased in flexible fiberglass rail withstands the impact of up to 10,000 lb gross load
  • Highly visible nylon webbing provides safety awareness at the dock
  • Heavy-duty side members provide added protection
  • High-visibility yellow and yellow/black upper rail attracts attention to a potentially dangerous dock opening

Easy to install, operate and maintain:

  • Simple installation
  • Operation can be performed by a single dock attendant, in just seconds, with minimum effort required
  • Raise and lower gate with one hand!
  • Minimal maintenance!
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