Portable Plates

Ideal solution for pallet trucks and other non powered loading equipment, bolt-on steel legs for safety, 11° lip bend and beveled deck edges for smooth loading; 11" standard lip length for conventional trailer, 14" lip length available for refrigerated trailer applications, wide variety of sizes available and .ptional bolt-on steel curbs to prevent loading equipment run-off

Technical description

Steel Dockboard with Lifting Chain

  • Bolt-on steel curbs prevent loading equipment run-off
  • Locking legs for safe loading
  • Capacities up to 10,000 lbs
  • Forklift chains included
  • Wide variety of sizes

Steel Dockboards with Pin Pockets

  • Two 4-hole pin pockets placed on each end
  • Integral, all-welded steel, anti-runoff curbs
  • Tough, fold-down, forklift loops for safe, fast positioning
  • Capacities from 15,000-20,000 lbs
  • Available in widths for 60" to 84"
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