Vertical Dock Leveler

Vertical Dock Levelers
Vertical Dock Levelers
Vertical Dock Levelers
Vertical Dock Levelers

Maintaining a clean, efficient warehouse environment is critical for a growing number of companies operating climate-controlled facilities. Kelley vertical-storing dock levelers directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security and cleanliness – allowing you to take control of your warehouse. Vertical levelers can be utilized with a dock configuration that allows the trailer doors to swing open into the building after the trailer is docked, which offers facilities the ability to save money through lower energy bills, better loss prevention and increased productivity.

Technical description


  • Constant pressure push-button control powers leveler down to working range
  • Powered lip activation in both directions for ease of placement and reduced maintenance
  • Patented hinged-bottom draft pad for energy efficiency
  • Clean pit design with no pit floor attachments
  • Standard remote mount power unit for longevity and reduced maintenance
  • PLC programmable controller
  • Runoff guards
  • Steel NEMA 12 control panel is interlock capable
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