Air-Powered Dock Levelers

If your loading dock relies on a sturdy dock leveler that requires minimal maintenance, an air-powered loading dock leveler is the proven choice. Using the same advanced air-powered technology as heavy lifting industries such as mining, building and construction, the Serco AB Series air-powered dock leveler is rugged enough to provide operational efficiency without all the backbreaking efforts required from more manual dock levelers. It includes all the Serco standard features, along with the durability of a rugged, reinforced coated polyester fiber air bag that can withstand anything from chemical spills to extreme weather conditions and even minor punctures. And with no springs and no-hold-down, you won’t have to worry about costly replacements or repairs down the road, lowering maintenance and service costs for years of trouble-free operation.

Technical description

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Easy positioning with HYDRA CAM lip control, designed to decrease walk-down force on levelers
  • CLEAN FRAME® design allows wide-open access to the leveler pit for easy cleanup and routine maintenance
  • Simple push-button activation on interior loading dock wall to raise the deck effortlessly
  • Low-pressure air bag technology offers a tough, highly reliable performance
  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design provides first-rate structural support
  • Optional Reflex Anti-Stump-Out System provides fluid free-float motion and a measure of free-fall protection
  • Integral maintenance strut for deck support during routine maintenance and cleaning
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