Mechanical Dock Levelers

Ever since the first Kelley counterbalanced mechanical dock leveler was invented in 1953, Kelley products have been leading the industry with designs that provide maximum efficiency and performance. Recent innovations make Kelley mechanical dock levelers easier to use than conventional models, easier to operate and more dependable. And, when used with the optional ENERGY GUARD® sealing system, you’ll receive superior protection from energy loss around the leveler’s perimeter. The CM series mechanical dock leveler provides exceptional endurance and efficiency. The unlimited float hold-down requires less force to walk down into position, produces less wear on components and has an overall lower lifetime cost of ownership than conventional mechanical dock levelers.

Technical description

Smart Design Advantages:

  • Exclusive SafeTFrame® design for superior structural support and durability
  • Unique extension spring counterbalance has a single adjustment point for high strength, durability and easy walk-down
  • Hydra-Cam lip assembly to gently control the lip’s rate of descent
  • Open frame design for easy pit cleanout
  • Integral locking support strut and lip lock keep ramp and lip raised for safety during maintenance and cleaning
  • Structural steel safety legs for free-fall protection
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