DE2000 Vehicle Restraint

DE2000 Trailer restraint
DE2000 Trailer restraint
DE2000 Trailer restraint
DE2000 Trailer restraint

Vehicle restraints were developed specifically to reduce the occurrence of accidents at the dock. The DE2000 rotating hook restraint — our superior, impact-style trailer restraint — combines an advanced communication system with a low-profile carriage. It also has an impact extension bar that accommodates a wide range of lower rear impact guards.

Technical description
  • Patented IP67S rated motor with electromechanical brake. No adjustment needed!
  • Low profile, 9” carriage has a service range of 9”-25” off grade
  • Automatic re-engagement
  • Zerk grease fittings on roller shafts
  • Watertight electrical connectors
  • Zinc-plated yellow dichromate finish for superior corrorsion resistance
  • Restraint positioned automatically by backing trailer
  • Captures NHTSA regulation rear impact guards
  • LED internal/external light and sign communication
  • Standard keyed bypass/override switch with audible alarm
  • Optional 30A interlock feature
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