Rigid Exterior Doors

Fast, safe, and robust ASSA ABLOY rigid exterior doors

ASSA ABLOY rigid exterior high-performance doors are the ideal solution for creating a secure and energy efficient entrance in high-traffic areas. The ASSA ABLOY RR3000 Series combines advanced functionality and outstanding engineering to create extremely fast, safe, and robust entrances with long service life and low maintenance needs.


The ASSA ABLOY RR3000 is constructed of low-profile, anodized, double-walled aluminum for durability, security and smooth performance. Rapid opening speeds and innovative mechanical design lets traffic and materials in and out quickly, easily and safely, without waiting for the door to open or close. It's simple, patented design insures hundreds of thousands of maintenance-free cycles.

ASSA ABLOY RR3000 Vision

ASSA ABLOY RR3000 Vision high-performance door features an elegant design with clear impact-resistant polycarbonate slats that provide sleek style and exceptional performance. The transparent vision panels offer a clear view of traffic on both sides of the door for increased safety while also providing natural light for the interior of your facility.

Technical description

ASSA ABLOY RR3000 Series

  • Door dimension: max. 23 ft x 16 ft
  • Speed open/close: up to 80" per second / 24" per second
  • Double walled aluminum slats
  • Safety light curtain up to six feet
  • Patented Stack-Free design prevents metal-to-metal contact during operation to reduce excessive wear
  • Patented UltraLift belt design is hinge-less, roller-less, and uses no ball bearings
  • Optional clear polybarbonate vision panels
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