Accordion Doors

Also known as accordion doors, folding doors, accordion walls, folding walls, or room dividers, accordion doors are the fastest and most economical way to organize space and insulate against distracting noises. Accordion doors are the most coveted accordions in the industry because they are built to last.
Accordion doors are suspended from an overhead track and provide instant space division whenever it´s needed. To close the opening, just grab the handle on the lead post, walk the door across the opening, and latch in the jamb receiver. Electric operation is available for large doors and the door is moved into position by the turn of a key. 
Accordion doors are custom manufactured to fit your opening. 

Technical description

Design Highlights:

When comparing accordion doors, consider Modernfold's added value.

  • Wrinkle-free, impact resistant covers provide a smooth symmetrical appearance, not the drapery look offered by other manufacturers.
  • All models have an internal pantograph of 14 ga. steel for even extension and to support the covers.
  • Steel bearing carriers (trolleys) covered with nylon tires support the wall in the overhead track.
  • The adjustable lead carrier enables the door to be adjusted for out-of-pumb conditions and allows proper alignment of the door for effective latching at all times.
  • A selection of heavy duty aluminum track systems is available to accommodate various ceiling conditions.
  • Steel posts are at the lead and trail end of the door.
  • Acoustical models include multi-ply sweepstrips at the top and bottom, both sides of the door.
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