Glass Walls

Glass partitions allow the light to shine in and provide the flexibility to reconfigure space. They are ideal for areas where a physical, but not a visual, barrier is needed. Our customers are using glasswall panels to close off store fronts, showrooms, bank lobbies, library training centers or to create meeting rooms. Hotels use them to separate the breakfast area from the lobby or for their retail stores.

Panels are most often ordered with clear or satiny translucent tempered glass. However, custom glass, etching, decals, acrylic inserts and more can also be ordered.
Glass panels are suspended from overhead tracks -- no floor tracks or guides are needed. Floor pins are required to keep the panels secure in the opening.
Designing glass panels into your facility allows natural sunlight into your space, which could qualify for LEED points for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 8.2: Daylight and Views-1 point.

Technical description

Design Highlights:

We offer three styles of glasswalls:

  • (glass panels with horizontal clear anodized aluminum top and bottom rails)
  • (glass surrounded with a wood frame)
  • (glass with an aluminum surround). Choose acoustic glass panels for sound separation to STC 44 (Sound Transmission Class).
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