Paired Panel

For straight-line openings that do not require multiple locations or offset storage, a  paired panel system is ideal. Quick and easy setup is possible since panels are hinged together in groups of two and move in a straight line within the opening.

For top-of-the-line acoustic performance, operable partition acoustic performance with an unprecedented industry leading 56 STC along with automatic operation top and bottom seal mechanism.

Is designed to solve the most basic needs of schools, churches, training facilities and office environments. For those locations where the ceiling cannot support a partition's weight, we offer the 932FS with floor-supported panels. If fire rating is a priority, it delivers with a 1-hour fire rating.

Technical description

Design Highligths:

  • Hinged together in groups of two, facilitating quick, easy setup
  • No auxiliary storage track or support required
  • Economical overhead support of straight-line track
  • Smooth operation
  • Simple automatic bottom seals for efficient operation
  • Suited for applications that require exceptional durability, acoustic control and frequent use
  • Panels are designed to be stored at either end of an opening
  • Optimal usage in classrooms, meeting rooms or office spaces
  • Optional SOSS® invisible hinge eliminates the hinge protrusion on the panel face, adding safety and a fine line appearance
  • SOSS® invisible hinges and heavy duty barrel hinges feature lifetime guarantee
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