Standard Traffic Door

This lightweight patented door is rotationally molded from rotationally molded polyethylene and is known in the industry for its ruggedness, ease of maintenance and long service life. Standard tests for impact resistance indicates that rotationally molded polyethylene is five times more puncture resistant and three times more flexible than ABS material. 

Technical description

Door Panel – Lightweight, weighing only 2.5 pounds per square foot, opens with ease, operates smoothly and allows for safe passage of personnel and damage free equipment. The overall panel thickness is 1-7/8” and the skin thickness is 1/8” thick. 

Insulated Core – The foamed-in-place Non-CFC urethane core (permanently bonded to the outer surface) does not break down when impacted, provides noise control and provides excellent insulation with an R factor of 10.83. 

Internal Reinforcement – The leading and back edge of the door are internally reinforced with tubular steel to ensure flatness and strengthen the door panel. 

Window – 1/8" thick polycarbonate window with black frame is recessed a minimum of 1/8" from the face of the panel to protect the window’s surface from abrasion caused by passing loads. 

Upper Hinge – Heavy-duty v-cam hinging system operates smoothly and is virtually maintenance free with its permanently lubricated needle bearing roller assembly. Optional stainless steel hinge is available. 

Bottom Hinge – For additional strength and durability the hinge is designed with pillow block constructed of zinc plated ductile iron (stainless steel is optional) with a UHMW sleeve and solid cast aluminum lower hinge adapter. Plus the lower hinge adapter has a provision for mounting an optinal spring assist.

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