Food and Beverage

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Meet the demands of high hygiene standards with Albany high-performance food processing doors

Meet the demands of high hygiene standards with Albany high-performance food processing doors

Albany food processing doors are designed for applications with high hygiene demands. Albany high-performance food processing doors combine high-speed operations, stainless steel design, and advanced tight sealing to provide superior protection against contaminants and ensure easy cleaning.

Albany RR300 Stainless

Albany RR300 Stainless high-speed doors are designed for high traffic sanitary applications, such as food and beverage processing, where environmental control and hygiene are critical. Incredibly fast opening and closing speeds and advanced tight seals help to control air infiltration, maintain temperatures and decrease the spread of contaminates. The Albany RR3000 Stainless high-speed door also features grade 304 stainless steel side columns, top roll and motor cover, corner brackets and bottom bar for easy cleaning and protection against moisture, bacteria and corrosion.

  • Door dimensions: max. of 13 ft x 13 ft
  • Opening / closing speeds: up to 100” per second / 24” per second
  • Grade 304 stainless steel door components
  • 40 oz vinyl door panel material (optional USDA white fabric available)
  • Two-piece column design can be removed without tools for easy cleaning
  • Wireless safety system eliminates coil cords
  • Self repairing breakaway bottom bar
  • Safety light curtain up to six feet